Information for BYBA Coaches

Become a Coach or Volunteer

Please be sure read and fully understand the coach code of conduct prior to applying for a coaching position!

Code of Conduct for Coaches

Please review the Coach’s Code of Conduct – read and fully understand – before applying to become a coach.

Babe Ruth Pitching Rule Info

As a reminder, here are the new tournament pitching regulations approved by the Babe Ruth League International Board of Directors that went into effect beginning with the 2017 season.

Classes for Coaches!

All Coaches will be required to show proof of continuing education.

Suggested continuing education can be found at Babe Ruth League Coaching Education Center.

Suggested education program for T-ball, Rookie, and Minor leagues is the Coaching Youth Baseball program which is $19.95.

Suggested education program for Minor, Major, Babe Ruth is the Coaching Advanced Baseball program which is $24.95.

Once the course is completed please bring your certificate to BYBA and our organization will reimburse you for the cost of the program.

Other Helpful Links for Coaches

Field Guide

Here is our field guide for the 2017 Season.

Suggested Stretching Program

Here’s a suggested Warm Up Routine before starting your practice.

Rotator Cuff Strengthening Program

Here’s a suggested Routine to strengthen your rotator cuff.